Boston Unemployment Map What is this?

What is this?


This map shows unemployment disparities among racial and ethnic groups in Boston neighborhoods. As you explore this map, you will see that social injustice issues continue to linger in Boston. In the neighborhoods where Black and Latino households live, unemployment disparities are disproportionately more pervasive. Without prioritizing interventions for these communities, employment disparities will keep constraining Black and Brown people from achieving economic mobility.

Action Boston for Community Development (ABCD) and Harvard Center for Research in Computation and Society (CRCS) worked together to develop this interactive unemployment map. With 60 years of community action and neighborhood engagement in Boston, ABCD is interested in enhancing their workforce development and support programs for job seekers. They see that innovative technologies will allow them to make strategic decisions in allocating resources including outreach efforts.

Using a user-centered and iterative design approach, the ABCD and Harvard CRCS developed a visualization tool that shows unemployment disparities in Boston at sub-neighborhood levels. This tool allows them to identify parts of the neighborhoods where there is disproportionate unemployment among Black and Latino women and men.


  • Herman Saksono, Harvard University
  • Ron Marlow, ABCD
  • Hila Bernstein, Harvard University
  • Miranda Popkey, ABCD
  • Shahin Jabbari, Harvard University
  • Joyce Tian, Harvard
Less than 5%
More than 30%
MoE > 20%

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